The World’s First Connected Platform
to Help You Improve Your Skating


Be part of the global hockey community that includes players, coaches, scouts, and parents.


Light, durable, unobtrusive sensors that can be added to almost any pair of skates.


An easy-to-use app that allows you to track your progress, helps you improve, and connects you to the global hockey community.

Developed in Partnership with Hockey Royalty

Our advisory group is made up of hockey legends – both on and off the ice. We did this to ensure the Scorched Ice Connected Platform is built to deliver the best insights and features hockey players need today.

Meet your Personal Performance Assistant

The Scorched Ice Connected Platform fits most skates and allows you to personalize your development and compare, inspire, and celebrate with the global hockey community.

Built for dedicated hockey players that want to improve, analyze, and compete.

Are you ready to be part of the revolution?

Turn practically any pair of hockey skates into an Invisible Analysis tool through our light-weight easy to attach sensor module.

Our Smart Skate Module combines a gyroscope, accelerometer, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, wifi antenna, bluetooth antenna and rechargeable battery – all neatly packaged in a light, durable and waterproof case.

Fits Most
Magnetic Charging
Long Lasting Battery

The Scorched Ice App

Your Skating is about to get a whole lot better

A Skating Performance Revolution

The Scorched Ice Connected Platform combines data science, game design and advanced AI to help take your game to the next level.

Reporting Engine

Our post-skate reporting engine helps you analyze and review your Skating performance after every skate – allowing you the ability to informed decisions.

Find Your Focus Area

Our App helps you find key areas of focus and areas of needed improvement.

Data Improvement

Your raw performance data as well as data from the rest of the community helps enhance, refine and increase the accuracy and capabilities of our platform.

How It’s Done


Power On and Connect

Power up your Sensors and Connect them to the App right before you start skating.

Start a Session and Skate

When you are ready to Skate - start a new session in the App and then start skating. Play a game, do some drills and have some fun.

Stop, Review and Repeat

After your done skating - stop your session within the app and put your sensors away. Once we are done crunching your data - you will get a notification with your results. Review your data and then go back to Step 1 again. Easy..

Our Community

Our community includes some of the best male and female hockey players and coaches in the world. Over the past 2 years – the Scorched Ice Development team has been working with various hockey teams, clubs, leagues, coaches and high performance training groups to not only refine, enhance and test our platform – but also to start building the Scorched Ice Connected Platform Community.

Being a part of the Scorched Ice community connects you with coaches, scouts and other players allowing you the ability to take your game to the next level.


Join the professional and elite players that have already committed to being the first to take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

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24 Months
Best Value

$7 / month
$168 Prepaid

No Additional Charges for upgrade features for 2 years

12 Months

$10 / month
$120 Prepaid

Current App Features Included
New Stride Metrics Launching Q1 2023 not included


$20 / month
9 Months Minimum Req.

Current App Features Included
New Stride Metrics Launching Q1 2023 not included

Be a Part of the Future of Hockey